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We support companies that are at the boundary of deep tech and consumer systems. The most powerful lever we have is to inspire collective action at the everyday level.

Solarpunk Waikiki

Computational Architecture

Bumblebee Spaces

Architecture and shelter are the number one source of emissions on the planet, but the the most invisible and slowest industry to take on.

Bumblebee is changing this by integrating computing into the program of our homes and living space in a way that is beautiful and desirable.

We think this is the first step in altering one of the most taken for granted needs on the planet, and a way forward to include everyone in climate change.

Machine Perception tooling


Ultimately all solutions are powered by the tools to express these complex problems. We invested in Enso because we believe it is the new accessible program language to describe, express and solve problems that can only be solved by machine perception, learning and intelligence. Working in tandem with machine intelligence is the way to build alluvial systems that work with nature.

Perception sourcing


Understanding our planet in high fideltiy and in real time is one of the most important unlocks in order to build the dynamic systems we need to survive climate change. From Fires to Floods, we simply cannot not keep track of the consequences of our actions. Albedo is changing the game on satellite imagery and is one of the principal pillars for inputs into other systems that we think are important to building resilient ciites, agri-eco-systems.

Consumer synthetic biology


Computation has entered into the biological world, the ability to edit biological processes with CRISPR and new gene editing technologies is opening up a new set of tools and procceses that can replace existing industrial systems that are driving us closer to self destruction. Spira is working towards engineering carbon negative materials from ceramics, to plastics to dyes out of genetically engineered Algae. Algae is ultimately the source of much of our plastics, but largely fermented over millions of years in the earth's crust, shortcutting and controlling this process allows us to make engineered biodegradable plastics that can replace petroleum based systems.