Investing in a Solarpunk future.

Investing in a Solarpunk future. 🏄

Hey there, JoshVu and Zack here. We’re three technical YC alums who invest $100k+ first-money checks into companies that help accelerate us into future where technology, communities, and nature work together.

Solarpunk Waikiki

We back companies solving pressing problems in the areas of climate change, food and housing, personalized medicine, and democratized finance -- areas where winners will improve lives and reap outsized returns in the next decade.

Surf Club members

Bumblebee Spaces, Airtable, Robinhood, One Medical, Airbnb, Albedo Space, Enso Health, Spira, Epinoma, Kiwi Biosciences and many more.

Dawn Patrol

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Consider joining us on Oahu for a board meeting, surfing is one of the ways we stay in balance and in touch with our mission; it's much better than a shower for thinking and you can plausibly exit a conversation at anytime 😜.

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Only VC social event with plausible deniablity to exit a conversation