Investing in a solar-punk future.

Investing in a solar-punk future. 🏄

Hey there, Josh, Vu and Zack here. We’re a few technical YC Alums who invest 100K+ into startups that use machine perception to solve climate change and advance us into the Solar Punk Age.

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Everyone needs to be part of the solution for climate change but we lack opportunities to act, leading us to dig into the consumption cycles that we are comfortable with. Air conditioning alone drives 30% of emissions, creating a hotter planet, driving the need for more air conditioning; checkmate... us?

Most people don't know how to help which is why we need ambitious founders that can rally collective action via transforming the systems, tools and products we use everyday in a way that work with nature as a collaborator.

If you are building something that has a good chance to get everyone on board to solve climate change...

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Also consider joining us in Oahu for a Board Meeting, being with nature is one of the ways we stay in touch with why and how we succeed; it's exercise, thinking time, connecting with locals, and plausible deniability to exit a conversation at anytime.

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Only VC social event with plausible deniablity to exit a conversation

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Bumblebeespaces, Airtable, Robinhood, OneMedical, Airbnb, Albedo, Enso, Spira, Epinoma, Kiwibiosciences and many more.

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