Investing in a solar-punk future.

Solar-Terra-Ocean Punk 🌊

Solar Punk is a visual manual on how we work with the complexity of natural systems instead of using blind industrial systems.

It is an area we can invest in because we finally have the chance to replace our industrial systems with computers that can see, understand and integrate into the complexity of natural systems. Less a dream than it is a prescribed set of techniques to not die on this planet ironically from our own tools.

Solar Punk Waikiki

Flipping the Switch

Many of the assumptions of what can scale or what can be changed are baked into the system that is doing us harm right now. Politics, culture, economics and technology co-evolve with each other, which is why it is so hard for us to change our tools because we have to change our identities at the same time. That being said Reality has been doing a good job of pushing us; heatwaves, floods, crops dieing on mass have given some of us a tiny clue.

We can change the systems that we have, in fact they have been changed and engineered before to do exactly what they are doing right now. Agriculture, Shelter and Community are the primary drivers of climate change, but also the primary victims.

50% of habitable land has been converted into Agriculture causing a precipitous drop in the bio-diversity of the world globally; this has unleashed de-stabilized eco-systems and increased the likelihood of pandemics on our population. The Solar or Terra Punk solution would be to grow food where we live, grow vertically and use machine perception to automate and make it safe to do it close to residents.

Bumblebee Spaces

Air conditioning contributes 30% of carbon emissions to the planet, the construction of shelter to hold that thermo-load brings that up to 40%, not to mention the transportation and other invisible systems required to keep a sky refrigerator running. The Solar Punk Solution here is more extreme, we actually need to tear those buildings down and build them back up with carbon negative materials, replace their internal systems with a new generation of AC and sensors to actually work with the surrounding environment. We need to re-engineer our cities to not rely on cars for everything and replace the cars we do have with electric ones.

There are many problems to solve, and these are some pretty broad strokes, but the larger point about Solar Punk is to combine technological advancement with cultural, and economic advancement, it should be un-palatable and barbaric to live in the industrial world we inherited, we should use new tools to collaborate with nature and local communities against the zombie tech of the past.