Discover, Plan, Belong

The purpose of travel is to change the status quo of our lives, and a great trip can certainly do that, but most trips just don't right now.

The purpose of the Magical Trips is to change just that; to drop the complexity of planning, to make it more affordable, and to create more meaningful & authentic travel experiences with locals.

Trips is changing the way guests see the world and how hosts live and grow in their homes and cities.

Concept to Production

My work on Trips was as a multi-disciplinary lead designer. From concept prototypes to visual polish to shipping code, it was important to have access to all those skills in a path that wasn't tread yet and a project that was going from zero to one.

Sketching in Code

Building, researching, designing and defining a narrative weren't things that took weeks, they happened on a daily cycle.

Code not wireframes is the material of an interaction designer and being able to put fully working prototypes into our hands and our guests was the only way to ship on time.

More or Less

Most of the Airbnb experience isn't in the app, and the better we design the app the less someone should feel the need to use it.

When it comes to planning and executing a trip, our design explorations were guided by providing no more than exactly what was essential to get you inspired and enjoying your trip.

The variations and experiments were possible with the ability to effortlessly jump in and out of prototypes and more traditional design methods.

The Future of Travel

The new Airbnb app has been very well received, just recently winning best travel app of the year by fast company and been featured multiple times in the Appstore. I'm proud of the work, but I believe there is much more to do, as many of fundamental problems are just starting to be solved.

Trips was a very personally enriching project to me; it gave me access to individuals and new ideas that have expanded the way that I think and understand the world.

To me this is an important right to make available to everyone.